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Wood certified dealer of Brazil. Choose what you need:

By Carlos Parrini ... 

With over 20 years experience in sustainable management, without the need for deforestation, logging represent the Amazon Region. Our woods are all certified with great quality. Contact us and ask us for a quote without obligation. Contact
Brazilian Blog:


Species of sawn timber:

  • Angelin  Pedra
  • Angelin Sweet
  • Cambará
  • Cumaru
  • Caxeta
  • Embirema
  • Garapeira
  • Libra / Cedrinho
  • Massaranduba
  • Ipe

In addition to providing quality woods, both in cut or processed boards, we have wood for houses, utensils and even bays Horses and Cattle.



Carlos Parrini
Boca Raton FL - USA
Brazilian Blog

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Ipe wood

One of  woods  noblest. Heavy, hard and very resistant to insect attack and is usually designed to work where the refinement of finish is more present the project on the environment of that ladder. 

If the environment requires a more refined, luxurious finish no better than a ladder made ​​in Ipe wood and therefore, more costly.You can also find her as  demolition wood.

Just as a small example, a  circular staircase  or curved in Ipe is a jaw-dropping beauty and will add tremendous value to the environment.



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Woods Massaranduba

Massaranduba is a durable material with tropical deck and mildew resistance



Woods Libra - Cedrinho

Trade names  
BRAZIL: Bruteiro, Pipe-to-tortoise, Cambará, Cambará pink Cedrilho, Cedrinho, Coariúba, Jaboti, Jaboti-of-upland, Tortoise, Tortoise-of-upland, Libra, mandioqueira-pipe- the-tortoise, tortoise-Foot, Quariba, Quariúba, Quaruba-of-flower-purple, Quarubarana, Quarubatinga, Quaruba-red, Verga Verga-the-tortoise, tortoise-of-Vergalho, 

Occurs in the Amazon region, especially in the state of Pará still in Roraima, Amapá, Guyana and Suriname. 
Tora of cedar
general Feature  
Heartwood light reddish brown, sapwood distinct from light gray to brown-gray-claro.Anéis distinct crescimente directly to interlocked grain, texture average brightness absent and distinctive odor.  

Quick kiln, with a tendency to moderate cupping, and a moderate tendency for cracks and twisted growth medium. 

Workability  Cedrinho cut surface
Easy planing, sawing and surface finish lixar.Apresenta bad.  

Low Resistance attack xilógrafos body. 

sapwood and heartwood very easy to preserve, under pressure with creosote and CCA-A.  

civil and naval construction, furniture, moldings, common carpentry, plywood manufacturing, pulp doors, moldings, baseboards, packaging, battens, joists, concrete form, broomsticks. plates, boxes, crates and other.



Woods Garapeira

Wood  Garapeira  is also known as cane juice, and grapiapunha jataí-yellow.
Wood Garapeira, being heavy, moderate natural durability, mechanical strength between medium and high, is suitable for building external structures, sleepers, poles, stakes, posts and bodies.
In construction, is used as beams, rafters, battens, planks and parquet floors, door frames and windows etc.. And also beer barrels, tool handles, and naval constructions, like structures, etc. keels.
Wood heartwood varying from beige-yellowish or slightly pink until the rosy-brown uniform. Differentiated sapwood, yellowish-white, lustrous and smooth to the touch, smell and taste unnoticeable surface.

Garapeira wood 


Woods Embirema

Main applications:
• Heavy construction, light construction, boats, furniture and decorative household items, toys, household utensils, plates, musical instruments and boxes and crates.



Woods Caxeta

Wood for heels, models and furniture. This wood is used in several works, stands out on garments for models and jumps in the footwear industry.
We work with reforestation wood. Responsibility for the environment taking care of our future today!



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