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STIFORP - You Could Be Making $3,000 to $8,000 USD per Month

Use Our Proven System To Build ANY Home Business!

You Could Be Making $3,000 to $8,000

The Secret is in the SystemNo selling.....      No Meetings.....      No pressure.....

There is no obligation to join and the tour is 7 Days completely FREE!

In fact, you can earn up to $2,047.50 per MONTH without ever enrolling a single person!STIFORP pays commissions every Wednesday.You have the option to be paid by CHECK, Direct Deposit, or through our International processor iPayout

3 Star PLUS Fast Start Bon
That means, if YOU are a 3 Star PLUS leader or above, you will earn a DOUBLE Fast Start Bonus of $50 any time you enroll a new person at the Yearly PLUS membership level.

No matter how you became successful with Stiforp, our goal is to help you reach NEW heights and achieve new ranks with some serious motivation.
That’s why we are giving you 4 checks as you achieve new ranks: $100, $500, $50,000, and $500,000!

That’s incredible cash on top of the massive earnings you’ll pocket on the way toward your next mile marker goal of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS on the road to lifetime income!
Matching Bonuses
As HUGE as the Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses are, our Matching Bonuses are even BIGGER!
On top of the $2,047.50 or $8,191.50 that you can earn in your personal matrix, you also have the ability to match 50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll, AND a percentage everyone those people enroll FIVE ENROLLMENT GENERATIONS DEEP, regardless of where they fall in your matrix!
Example: If you are a 1 Star leader, and you enroll just 4 people into STIFORP, and each one of them were earning $800 per month in their matrix, you would match 50% of each of their matrixes for a total of $400 each, making you an additional $1,600 per month on TOP of YOUR matrix commissions!

Watch the  video on this page to learn how... then IMAGINE the possibilities for so many around the world who do not even have a bank account... THEY ALL CAN JOIN NOW!!!

Below you see a price chart for the autoresponder that goes live in May 2013 or has been gone live depends on when you reading this.
Explode Your Business with Email Marketing!
Send thousands of emails with the click of a button. Email marketing has become one of the hottest ways to drive traffic to your website. NOW, STIFORP members can get results like the pros! The StiforpResponder allows members to upload 500 new records per month as part of their STIFORP membership, and up to 250,000 per month with by taking advantage of our exclusive member only packages.
Here’s what you get
  • Load up to 500 email addresses per month for FREE
  • Load up to 250,000 email addresses per month with one of our higher packages
  • Send up to 20 emails per month to your list
  • Multiple templates to use to make your emails or newsletters look professional and powerful
  • Lead source recommendations to maximize your results!
  • The BEST Email Marketing System in the Industry!
Video - Instructions for autoresponder

Click on the following tools to set yourself up for massive success!

Earn more profits with the most comprehensive suite of marketing tools EVER assembled under one roof!

Our members have full access to thousands of dollars worth of the top tools, trainings, and business building software available anywhere for just $9.95 per month! 

Interactive Flash Movie Presentations
Explode your sales by adding a giant boost of excitement to your business!
Think your products sell themselves? Think again! A video presentation grabs your prospects attention, and allows them to absorb the information much more efficiently than just reading. PLUS, it allows your prospects to hold and retain the information up to 10 times longer than text alone!
It doesn't matter what type of product, service, or program you are promoting, video presentations WORK. And our video presentations are custom tailored to the home based business industry, but generic enough to EXPLODE the momentum to whatever program you are promoting:

Phone Burner:Finally you can TRIPLE your RESULTS without working any harder!  While the POWERFUL Phone Burner tool, like ALL STIFORP tools is available EXCLUSIVELY for STIFORP members, like any calling plan, the usage minutes must be purchased in order to make the actual calls...and STIFORP member SAVE 50% off regular Phone Burner Prices!
Phone Burner allows you to import a list of leads and the system dials the numbers for you, automatically leaving a recorded message on voice mails, and allowing you to spend your time ONLY talking to people who actually answer…allowing you to call more people FASTER and EASIER than ever before!

Due to overwhelming request from leaders like YOU, we are so happy to announce our very own webinar room. This amazing system will allow leaders and presenters to hold Online webinars with up to 500 seats.

Other companies are selling similar software for as much as $1,500. You get it FREE with your STIFORP membership and can use it anytime you want! 

Video Spokesperson on Your Site

Talk about an awesome tool! NOW, you can have a REAL PERSON appear on YOUR WEBSITE to encourage your prospects to take the next step in looking at your business!
While many companies charge hundreds of dollars for this type of product, as a member of STIFORP, you have your choice of ANY of our awesome actors to add excitement and interest to your opportunity.
Having a real person on your website encouraging your prospects to find out more about your company and opportunity can significantly increase responsiveness, time on your site, and most importantly new sign ups! Use this tool to help take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!
Many people are paying hundreds of dollars per month for their own conference call bridge. You get this great tool for FREE with your STIFORP membership! Another awesome tool to explode your business.
IMPORTANT: Retail Bonuses are paid Weekly on Wednesday. All other commissions are paid the first Wednesday of each month for the Previous month's volume

The Secret is in the System

There is no obligation to join and the tour is 7 Days completely FREE
We're with you every step of the way!See you at the TOP!

STIFORP- You Could Be Making $3,000 to$8,000 USD per Month, MLM, Earn 8.000 USD easy,Network Marketing

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